Three Lakes Marketing are REALISTIC Search Engine Optimization experts (Organic SEO)

We've been employing organic search engine optimization methods since 1994. It's not rocket science but it is a discipline with many factors contributing to its success. Many people don't realize there are about 30 different factors that can increase or impede your search engine page rank. Companies over the last several years have been more focused on designing a "brochure site" or even trendy applications. Beautiful and fun websites but no one is visiting them because they can't be found through the search engines.

It's like sales – a numbers game – you need TRAFFIC to get LEADS to make REVENUE

SEO makes you think about your business and what you are offering for services and products. It makes you understand your target customer better. It is a good exercise to go through even if you are skeptical. We make it easy process. We have startups, small, medium and enterprise businesses who rave about the Three Lakes Marketing Search Engine Optimization team.

The thing about SEO is it does take time and there are a lot of companies that sell on "it takes time"… meaning they want you to buy into a 6 to 12 month contract…. WE DO NOT DO THIS. We understand companies need to get their feet wet and understand the technology before they "invest" in a monthly bill. We'd rather deliver on a project and have you come back to us to refresh or enhance when needed. Again, we are REALISTIC Search Engine Optimization experts – and want you to work with us and make money.


Three Lakes Marketing -- REALISTIC Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts

The easiest way to get an exposure for your business in your target location is to get registered for Google Local Business Center. Google Maps really helps you in reaching your potential target audience directly with or without having dedicated website for your business.

Do you want your business to rank highly in the search results for your area? Three Lakes Marketing can help small business owners in building business websites and rank highly for local search results in target area to get a steady stream of leads and new customers.

We help you get enhanced business center listings in Local Business Centers of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We also make complete set of recommendations to increase the qualified traffic to your local website and/or offline business using local map results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We offer Mobile SEO services to local companies in Austin, Chicago, Tampa and as well as other US cities with our traditional search engine optimization services to help them tap the emerging market of Mobile users.

Need help getting found online? Download this one sheet to get you focused.

Advanced Link Building Services

Building Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Links

The number of links pointing to a website from external websites denotes the importance of your website to the search engines, which plays an important role in determining the ranking of website in search engine result pages (SERPs). To gain high Google Page Rank (PR) and attain high rankings for focused keywords, you will require quality inbound links.

Three Lakes Marketing builds high quality incoming links to acquire Page Rank (PR) and achieve high search engine rankings for targeted keywords. We develop effective link building strategies and follow strict quality guidelines to acquire links not in quantity but also in quality.

Search engines show more trust in websites, which have a holistic link graph with inbound links coming from various segments on the web. Keeping this in mind, we at Three Lakes Marketing have developed high PR links of key relevance and theme to the website's business from multiple sources on the Internet. We also put a lot of emphasis on content-based links rather than only focusing on high PR links.

Link Building is one of the most important aspects of your search marketing strategy, and must be thoroughly researched and planned. Quality links not only helps in improving search engine rankings but also bring in substantial amount of direct traffic. The links created on high authority websites results in useful traffic and web presence.

We've been working with clients virtually across the United States (Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida and New York) since 1994. For effective link building strategies contact us or call us at (888) 842-0292.