Content Marketing

Engage, Build Trust, Increase Traffic & Sales and Encourage Loyalty

Services we offer:

Content Marketing Strategy Development 

Email Database Development

If you aren’t making use of emails in your marketing, where have you been? It’s the cheapest way to stay in touch with your customers, and it’s often the medium by which they prefer to communicate with companies.

Email Marketing Integrations

Whitepapers, Infographics, Explainer Videos, Training Videos, Maker Videos

You can incorporate video into almost every aspect of your digital marketing. Convincing a potential customer to watch a short video clip is easier than convincing them to read your marketing message.

Features, Articles, Authentic Product Usage Testimonials

Social Media Sharing, Influencer Strategies & Campaigns

Establishing a presence on one or two social networks (that are popular with your demographic) is the best way to attach a feeling of community to your brand. It’s a unique tool for marketers that allows for a large number of personal interactions.

The Internet has created a new kind of celebrity, there are thousands of them spread across every social media platform, and many other sites. They tend to have a deep connection with their audience, and can provide instant credibility to your brand, should you decide to market through them.

Three Lakes Marketing specializes in developing high-quality, targeted B2B content marketing strategy and execution to help you achieve their business goal.